Tricks to avoid redness of the skin – Explained by Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood


Excessive heat, cold, sensitivity of our skin, there are many factors that cause the skin to redden and not always known by dermatologists, but inevitably our skin becomes red, losing much of its appeal, besides dehydrated and irritated, which can even lead to the appearance of granite, dander, etc… If this happens frequently, here are a number of tricks to avoid redness of the skin: If you are looking forward to Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood

avoid redness of  skin

– If your skin is very sensitive and reacts to almost any cosmetic application, you should always choose hypoallergenic products that have been dermatologically tested. Thus, to avoid further raise awareness, strengthen it before the aggression of external agents. Also avoid products like soap when cleansing and choose milk or soft makeup removers.

– If you go to a place where it’s too hot or too cold, chances are your skin reactions.

To avoid this, you should moisturize your skin and take with you a bottle of spring water which you can apply when you notice that your skin begins to redden.

– Choose the green. Green is definitely your color, because lets hide the redness. Use a concealer to cover this color  red zones and choose colors for shadows in shades of green, but being careful not too ornate. Forget pink, red or purple, which further highlight the redness of your skin.

– Avoid spicy foods. Food plays a major role in the condition of your skin. If you are sensitive, try to not have your meals spicy, to prevent the heat from the redness of the skin.

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Tips to add volume to fine hair

Posted on February 1, 2013 by Erika

Although fine hair is much easier to handle, cut and shape, all the work involved to ensure that you have a little bit of volume and sticking to the head shortly after leaving home, after having spent hours with dryer and brush is also frustrating many times. To achieve this, we use a number of tricks that will help you get that extra volume of a reality.

fine hair

– This trick you should use when you’re combing to achieve greater volume. You mix some liquid shellac, lemon juice and water in an amount sufficient to saturate all your hair. Mix well when the three ingredients and pour the mixture into a homogeneous plastic spray container. Lower your head and comb your hair and then sprayed hair all over with the mixture, making sure you do it evenly.

The last step is only the head up and notice how your hair has more volume, with the added attraction that the lacquer will allow the duration of the effect is greater.

– You can also prepare a home remedy will be volume, shine and vitality to your hair. For this you need three egg yolks, six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a capsule of vitamin E. Begins beating well yolks and when ready adds the contents of the capsule of vitamin E, to adding olive oil. Mix well and then apply the mixture on the hair for thirty minutes. After this time and you just have clarify with cold, but not icy.

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