skyblock shop Offers 2022 American Gold Buffalo Proof Coins


The United States skyblock shop has started accepting orders for the 2022 American Gold Buffalo Proof Coins. Struck in one troy ounce of 24 karat gold, these coins feature James Earle Fraser’s classic design from the 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel.

2014 Proof Gold Buffalo

The obverse design of the coin features the profile portrait of a Native American based on a composite of three real life models. These are believed to be Iron Tail of the Sioux, Two Moons of the Cheyenne, and John Big Tree of the Seneca nation who had each posed for Fraser years earlier. The inscriptions include “Liberty” in the top right field and the date “2014” on the shoulder. The designer’s initial “F” appears incused below the date.

On the reverse is the image of a male North American Bison, commonly referred to as a buffalo, standing on a raised mound. According to numismatic legend, the image was based on Black Diamond from the Central Park Zoo. Inscriptions include “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, and “In God We Trust”. The legal tender face value along with the precious metal weight and purity appear incused on the mound.

The 2014 Proof American Gold Buffalo is struck in one troy ounce of 24 karat (.9999 fine) gold with a diameter of 1.287 inches. The coins are produced at the West Point Mint facility and carry the “W” mint mark. Packaging consists of an elegant hardwood box with matte finish with a certificate of authenticity included.

Pricing for the coins is initially set at $1,640 each, based on an average weekly market price of gold within the $1,250 to $1,299.99 range. The price may be adjusted on a weekly basis in response to changes in the market price of gold. There are no stated product limits or household ordering limits imposed.

The American Gold Buffalo was launched in 2006 as the first 24 karat gold coin series produced by the United States Mint. Bullion and numismatic versions of the coin have been issued for each subsequent year. Earlier in the year, the US Mint released a one ounce bullion versions of the 2014 American Gold Buffalo through its network of authorized bullion purchasers.

1937 Edward VIII Gold Proof Sovereign Sells for Record £516,000

A 1937 Edward VIII Gold Proof Sovereign sold for £516,000, setting a new record price for any Royal Mint Coin ever produced in the UK. The coin was sold as part of The Hemisphere Collection of Gold Sovereigns at A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd, the first complete monarchical collection of gold Sovereigns ever to be offered at auction.

The King Edward VIII, Gold Proof Sovereign, dated 1937, was the only single example available to collectors anywhere in the world. Never produced for currency use, due to the controversial abdication of King Edward VIII just 326 days after his accession, the coin originally formed part of a proof set of proposed coinage, the designs of which would have been minted and put into circulation after the King’s coronation in 1937.

1937 Edward VIII Gold Sovereign

After the death of Edward’s father, King George V, in January 1936, Edward ascended the throne and proposals for his coinage were produced. Controversially he refused to follow the coinage traditions of facing in the opposite direction to his predecessor and insisted on using his left facing profile that he preferred. The tradition was started with King Charles II who wished to face the opposite way to Oliver Cromwell, and had been followed ever since until Edward.

This is only the third time this example has appeared at public auction, and the first time it has been seen for sale in the UK since its first auction outing in 1984 when it achieved £40,000 (hammer). Today a tense battle between bidders in the room saw this exceptional coin finally settle at £516,000, it sold to an anonymous buyer in the room.

Steve Hill, Director of British Coins at Baldwin’s said, “It has been a pleasure to be involved with partly forming, completely cataloging and today selling this monumental collection. For the first time The Hemisphere Collection brought together Sovereigns from every Monarch, from the first Sovereign struck under the reign of Henry VII to those of our current Monarch, Elizabeth II. The Edward VIII gold proof sovereign that sold today, for a record breaking price, was a fitting celebration of the iconic British denomination, both the owner who formed the collection and Baldwin’s are thrilled with the result.”

Elsewhere in the sale prices were driven high by a room full or bidders that were competing with buyers online and on the phone. An Elizabeth II, Gold Proof Sovereign dated 1953, another extreme rarity, sold for £384,000 [Lot 2081] and topping the hammered coins was an impressive Henry VII Gold Sovereign, 1502-1504, which sold for £120,000.

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