Online Casino Malaysia Gambling Workers Killed In Egypt Bombings


Another couple feared dead – Keri Davies and his American-born partner Kristina Miller – were about to move to Australia.

Keri, 29, and Kristina – who was 27 on Friday, the day before the atrocity – were on their first holiday together.

The couple had met through work at the internet betting firm Casino Malaysia based in Fareham, Hants.

Keri had told old school chums via the internet: “Business is relocating to Melbourne – so well happy about that. Get to take the missus too!”

They too were in the Ghazala Gardens Hotel – Egypt when the suicide car bomber struck.

Keri lived with his father Steven in Fareham. Steven said yesterday: “We only got confirmation of his death this morning.

“We knew he had been missing and hadn’t heard from him and we feared the worst.

“But hearing the news still rips something out of you. It was only a couple of days since his birthday and they were just days from emigrating.”

Kristina was to take up a new post in Melbourne in a week’s time and Keri was due to follow her. Robert Edge, senior chief executive of International Allsports which owns Canbet, paid tribute to them.

He said: “They were very bright, sensible and capable young people and their death is devastating.

“They had such a bright future together and now it’s all been taken away from them.”

Krissy had moved to England to be near her father, who is a senior trainer at Canbet. Mr Edge added: “She was a credit to the company and a brilliant trader.

“Keri was one of our senior American sports traders and he was a very bright young fellow.”

Keri’s dad was arranging to fly to Egypt to join Kristina’s father Tony and bring the bodies home.

Tony said he had wished his daughter happy birthday by phone only hours before the attacks.

“I told her be careful, have a great birthday and I love her,” he told US television. He added: “I can’t explain my anger towards terrorists that harm innocent people who have nothing to do with their political beliefs or their religion.

“Now they have taken my daughter, and I cannot understand that and I never will.”

Unrelated to the Egypt bombings, Craig Levein (31) the founder of and his father were killed in a car crash in South Africa this week. A sad and bad week for online gambling workers.

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