FTR Gauntlet VII Game 2 Summary – NLH 6Max


Game 2 of the Gauntlet VII was much anticipated. This was mainly due to the fact that is was the first ever shorthanded tournament in game289  the history of the Gauntlet! I predicted game 2 to be a 6-Max, action filled, donkfest; and boy was I right. If you are unsure what the Gauntlet is, check out the end of this article for information on how to register. You can play against FTR’s biggest players, for free!

Before we get into the action, let’s have a look at the current leaderboard. There is only 1 week played so far, so it isn’t anything too exciting:

FTR Name – GP – Points

nutsinho – 1 – 210.44

givememyleg – 1 – 148.80

drmcboy – 1 – 121.50

ProZachNation – 1 – 105.22

spin_md – 1 – 94.11

arkana – 1 – 85.91

badgers – 1 – 79.54

Keilah – 1 – 74.40

d0zer – 1 – 70.15

Jack Sawyer – 1 – 66.55

If you read last weeks summary, or donked around in the action, you already knew nutsinho (nuts in ho, not nut seen ho – I don’t care what he says) took down game 1, defeating givememyleg heads up. Let’s see if he could defend his current 1st place position in game 2!

For those that haven’t seen the thread, there is also a $50 sidebet on who does best this Gauntlet. So far there are 8 people in (givememyleg, drmcboy, wildbob, shifubowa, kmind, bigspenda, warpe and spinswell). If you haven’t played a Gauntlet game yet, there’s still 30 games remaining, which is more than enough to get in! If you are looking for details on how you can get involved, see the thread by clicking here.

It is clear that 6Max is a complete different breed than full ring, because everyone came out swinging. In total, 30 people registered which was 10 less than game 1 on Sunday but still had a very nice turnout. FTR vet’s that were making their season 7 debut included bigspenda73, swiggidy, Warpe, pocketfours, Galapogos, bode, GatorJH, kmind, Santa Cruz, redzilla and the man who makes it all possible, Xianti. There was another $10 prize this week if your AA was cracked, but sadly no bounty.

Action started with 6 tables, and there was an obscene amount of 3bets within the first few hands. Early on table 2, givememyleg and Galapogos (PokerStars I_Lie_2_U) battled it out, with Gala getting the upper hand:

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to givememyleg [Qs Js]

I_Lie_2_U: raises 40 to 60

Shifubowa: folds

givememyleg said, “GALA WHO”

Bode-ist: folds

Nicovelz: folds

givememyleg said, “GALA POGO STICK”

givememyleg: calls 40

*** FLOP *** [8c 7s Td]

I_Lie_2_U said, “Gala-own-yo-ass”

givememyleg: checks

givememyleg said, “NUH UH”

I_Lie_2_U: bets 120

givememyleg: raises 183 to 303

givememyleg said, “I GOT YOU”

I_Lie_2_U: raises 1107 to 1410 and is all-in

givememyleg: folds

Uncalled bet (1107) returned to I_Lie_2_U

I_Lie_2_U said, “lol, do we have to do this already”

givememyleg said, “go to hell”

I_Lie_2_U collected 736 from pot

I_Lie_2_U: doesn’t show hand

That was only the second hand in, and later he claimed to have had 99. Just to give a peak and what was going on at the tables, let’s check out a few hands:

*** HOLE CARDS ***

WildBob182: folds

reDZill4: raises 40 to 60

nutsinho: raises 120 to 180

badgers_uk: folds

LolTrappedU: raises 264 to 444

reDZill4: folds

nutsinho: folds

Uncalled bet (264) returned to LolTrappedU

badgers_uk said, “drama”

LolTrappedU collected 430 from pot

LolTrappedU: shows [Kh Ac] (high card Ace)

WildBob182 said, “4bet resteal standard”

LolTrappedU said, “see I be nice”

*** HOLE CARDS ***

GatorJH: folds

jasons0147: raises 40 to 60

geno9: folds

toddanderson: raises 150 to 210

ackthecat: folds

jasons0147: calls 150

*** FLOP *** [9c 9s 7h]

toddanderson: bets 277

jasons0147: raises 1171 to 1448 and is all-in

toddanderson: folds

Uncalled bet (1171) returned to jasons0147

toddanderson said, “haha”

jasons0147 collected 994 from pot

jasons0147: doesn’t show hand

It was hard to follow all of the action, simply because there was so much of it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we had our first elimination, and 11 minutes in there was the first clash:

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Warpe: raises 40 to 60

thizzSC: folds

spinswell: folds

pankfish: folds

thisnickfree: folds

reDZill4: calls 40

*** FLOP *** [Qs Tc 7h]

reDZill4: checks

Warpe: bets 120

reDZill4: raises 140 to 260


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