Does Your Anti Aging Skin Care Product  – Explained by Laser treatments Delray Beach


Elite ‘Big Brand Name’ Skin Care Formulas Are Up To 2 Years Behind The Times! If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach

Do you believe that an expensive anti aging skin care product from one of the famous ‘elite’ brand-name companies will give you the most effective results possible because they contain the latest up-to-date formulas based on the most recent break-through ingredients?

The ‘big brand name’ companies have educated us over the years that the more expensive a product is, the better it works!

But is this true? No it’s not!

It’s nothing more than clever illusion!

Here’s why!

The famous big-brand name skin care companies have HUGE organizational structures and highly complicated supply-chain/distribution set-ups. The logistics of releasing a new formula to tens of thousands of outlets worldwide is a MAJORLY COMPLEX PROJECT!

For this reason they require very long lead in times to release a new formula/product. Generally speaking, a two year lead in period is pretty close to the mark!! Unlike smaller ‘lean’ companies, when a new ingredient breakthrough or innovation comes along, the big brand name companies can’t simply reformulate and get a new product to market within a handful of months. It’s just not possible!

This is the simple reason why expensive ‘elite’ brand anti aging skin care products are not up to date and are not based on the most effective skin care science currently available.

But they rely on sophisticated marketing to create an illusion that they are


The safest and clinically most effective anti aging skin care products are manufactured and released by smaller medium sized companies, who, for the most part you’re unlikely to know about (unless you’re in the know!). That’s simply because they don’t have or rely on massive marketing budgets like the famous elite brands do to generate a huge marketing reach.

Instead, their marketing philosophies are based on word of mouth from satisfied customers and they are selling direct to the customer through the internet only. This represents the most cost effective business model currently available. By avoiding costly marketing and distribution methodologies they are able to channel huge savings back into their products. This means:

The latest, most effective breakthrough active ingredients

In clinically effective quantities

The use of (far more costly) all natural ingredients and complete avoidance of chemical based ingredients

On top of this comes one last crucial factor -and this is what moves the best skin care companies to the top of the pack. They keep their profit margins low and price their products according to the cost of manufacturing them. (They settle for a fair profit!)

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