alaskaslot Ladies Update: Main Event, Day 1C


Lynette Chan drew the lucky straw today, landing on the TV featured table for several hours this afternoon. Typically a cash game player at the 80-160 and 100-200 level in L.A. and Vegas, Chan (right) has focused more on tournaments over the last several months since her 20th place finish in a $2500 NLHE event at the LA Poker Classic. She currently sits on 13K in chips while wearing a chic ivory blazer.

The always-colorful Patty Gallagher has built herself a nice stack, currently topping 22K. No word on how many f-bomb penalties she’s been issued. Triple bracelet winner Barbara Enright has 13,400 and Melissa Hayden is off to a strong start with 20,900. Sarah alaskaslot (below), last year’s second-highest female finisher has grown her stack to 16,500.

Our current ladies chipleader is Beverly Cheney with 42,000. Currently shooting the upcoming reality TV show “House of Cards,” Cheney scored a $27,000 win this past April for her 5th place finish in the $2500 NLHE event at the Bellagio Five-Star. With 25,500, Monica Reeves has a solid chip stack as well. Reeves made a final table at the Bellagio Cup only two nights ago, finishing 5th for over $10,000 and cashed the WPT Aruba last October.

A number of the game’s most talented female players made early exits today. Jennifer Harman couldn’t get a thing going and busted around 5:30 PM. Liz Lieu had her kings cracked by a player turning trip eights, and Jennifer Tilly’s AT fell to A6 when her opponent flopped two pair. Karina Jett (right) was gone before the dinner break and Lilly Mizrachi’s QQ was rivered by an opponent’s KQ shortly thereafter.

I’ll keep you up on these ladies’ progress as the night wears on here at the Rio.


11:30 PM- Sarah Bilney appears to have taken a bit of a hit. She has 8600 left. Beverly Cheney is still cruising along with 48,000.

12:30 AM- Disaster strikes for Beverly Cheney. On a flop of A-9-3 with two clubs, she called an all-in reraise with two pair, aces and nines. Her opponent had a set of nines and boated on the turn crippling Cheney. On the very next hand she pushed with 9-10 offsuit and the same opponent busted her with Q-Q.

Sarah Bilney is back up to 11K and Lynette Chan has 14.5K. Lacey Jones has a little over her 10K starting stack.

Watching Phil

I hit the Rio this afternoon with the intent of hanging around for a bit, finding a story or two, and then heading back to my hotel to take care of some laundry issues requiring serious attention. Those plans were quickly scrapped when I saw that Phil Gordon and Mike Matusow were playing today.

Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my crush on Phil. I’m by no means the only one – just about every poker playing girl I know feels the same way. Change100 and I have repeatedly stated our willingness to be “sister wives” should Phil ever decide to turn to polygamy. Most men don’t see what the fuss is about, but come on! Tall, dark, rich, smart, degenerate gambler, and handsome – it’s every girls dream. It came as no surprise to my fellow media members when they found me railbirding Phil’s table this afternoon. When I arrived, he was down to about 5k and appeared to be having a rough go of it. After losing one hand he remarked “I forgot my number one rule of poker. Don’t bluff if they’re gonna call.”

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